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Frequently Asked Questions?

01-What are Seomaza's offered SEO packages?

Seomaza offers services to its customers seven monthly SEO packages. All packages are available with a full functionality facility to support your website requirements & obtain better-optimized results for which prices may vary. Our SEO packages are not only affordable but also available with advanced optimization features. Our SEO packages are Starter Package, Progressive Package, Bronze Package, Silver Package, Gold Package, Dimond Package & Platinum Package.

02-What makes you different from other SEO companies?

Seomaza provides advanced SEO services in an affordable price range that every small to large-sized business can have this & we deliver results on time. We always adopt better and latest online marketing strategies together with genuine techniques to bring customers high volume traffic & higher search engine rank. You can also inquire about our previous satisfied clients' reviews..

03-Are your SEO services all about a number #1 position in the search engines?

No, Big NO. Though such claims like "Our SEO services are providing higher search engine position results #1 Position for your site for a particular keyword " are common in the SEO industry but In reality, they often turn out to be false that bring clients severe dissatisfaction. There are certain factors like updation of search engine algorithms, competition level & launch of new sites that are not manageable by anyone. SO it may cause a degradation in your site ranking. We are a true SEO partner to our clients & guide them completely the optimization process to maintain their website ranking at the top 10 positions in search engines.

04-How long will it take to see my website ranking once optimization starts?

The average time period of a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of 2-3 months is always required for all major search engines to index your website. So, one can expect his/her website ranking on major search engines but not earlier than two weeks after optimization starts.

05-Will my website ranking results be maintained on a long-term basis?

Due to the changeable behavior of search engines' algorithms & tough competition in the market, lack of optimization knowledge your website ranking results may fall anytime drastically. So we need to follow an updated strategy to maintain your website ranking throughout your subscription period. Nonetheless, discontinuing our SEO service may affect your ranking & cause a dramatic fall in it.

06-How will your SEO service help our business?

  1. It uses advertising & marketing means to attract customers to purchase.
  2. It provides high ranking results in a affordable price range.
  3. It multiply profit value to your business.
  4. It will boost higher quality traffic to your site from search engines that result in increased sales.

07-Do You Have to Make Changes to Our Site?

It depends. If your site is to lack behind in designing & development features on the search engines which bring down scores during our website analysis, then we have to upgrade it.

08-Do You Need to Access Our Web Server?

Yes, it depends, At the time of the optimization process we require the client's server that's why we can make it achieve better results faster. You needn't feel worried as we won't cause any wrong to your site.

09-How do I get support?

We keep in touch with our clients directly through an interactive chat through skype & e-mail support on a 24/7 basis. Qualified support executives are engaged to assure speedy processing of customer queries.

10-What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Seomaza is a premium and best SEO services company in Odisha, India. We have been providing a range of best, secure, and reliable services for online promotion of business using the following methods supported by major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Mozilla, Bing, etc. The best part is we have done kept us adapting to the various changes happened in this SEO technology over the years.

11-Do you provide best service at the lowest price in comparison with the other competitors?

Yes, of course. As we are leading search engine optimization company, we always try to keep your cost of SEO as low as possible but with equal attention to higher search engine rankings of our clients' website. We provide the best SEO services to the client's individual requirement at an unimaginable price.

12-When do I have to pay for your SEO service?

We offer you a free SEO check of your website if you feel satisfied with our free Pre-SEO result, then you have to subscribe for one of our SEO plans/packages on offer. Upon subscription, you have to pay for the total amount owed to the package through Paypal. However, monthly SEO payments can be made at the end of each service month. We also accept payment through all major credit cards.