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Having a Website is the first step in creating a presence in the digital media. It’s doesn’t matter whether you’re a early stage Start up or a business having a website is must. Investing in Website is no penny unturned and also it will create your presence globally which will directly impact in your business sales as well as in marketing also.

Website will help you in showing up your brand globally and to cross your market overseas.

Before starting your own website, there are certain terms you must be familiar with. In order to pursue the right path.

  • Domain Names: The first thing you will need before you can create and host your first site is a domain name. You have heard these before. A domain name basically functions as to that are used to explain an IP address on a network. The network can here mean Internet. Computers converse using a series of binaries that identify themselves on the Internet known as the IP Address. So when we say a domain name, we say a much simpler version of IP address Domain names can be all the things possible. In most domain names, you have the prefix that is the name and a suffix which is the name of the site you want. These come in a huge variety of names with the most common of them being .com, .net and .org. We here at Seomaza IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. provide your business the perfect domain and hosting services which is suited for your business at a very cheap rate compared to the market.

  • Web Hosting : Once you register your first domain name, it is time to find a place to host your first site. This is your web hosting.technically, web hosting is the computer that is selected to be joined to the Internet where you will place the files for your website. Your domain name,on completing the setup, will then refer anyone who connects using their browser to the system where your files areplaced.

  • We here at Seomaza IT Solution Pvt. Ltd., provide your business the perfect domain and hosting services which is suited for your business at a very cheap rate compared to the market. Below are the different plans you can choose to host your website

Types of Web Hosting:

Shared Web hosting:

It means that your website is hosted on a server which is shared by other websites. For small scale Start Ups and business it is good as it is cost effective and this is solely advantage of this. Various companies have various cost associated in accordance to that plan.

The disadvantage of not considering this is, first your website is hosted on a server on which other website are and if there ’s a popular site than your website performance will be affected. Often, Shared Hosting is the best way to get started but it is slower than the other expensive options.

Most of Start Ups when gets started they gets started with Shared Hosting, as initially they're not getting a ton of traffic and as well as it is cost effective as well.

Reseller Web Hosting:

If you want to have a chain of websites below you at a very cheap rate. Reseller Web Hosting is for you, these hosting packages are basically a shared hosting account with extra tool’s so that you can resell your hosting space.

Following are the advantages of Reseller Web Hosting:

  • One can have more flexibility with your web hosting accounts.

  • One can save money.

  • One can earn more revenue at little cost to yourself.

  • One can focus on customer support and leave technical support to your web host.

  • One ’s web host, not you, absorbs server maintenance costs.

Reseller packages come with greater technical support (such as cpanel), billing software which will help you invoice clients and other extra perks.

Cloud Based Web Hosting:

The era of cloud hosting is started which lets individual server works together so that it may seem like one giant server. Your website data is stored on cloud which is fast accessible.

When to move to Cloud Based Web Hosting

If your website is handling a ton of traffic, this is probably the first point you would upgrade too from a shared hosting plan.

Dedicated Web Server

Managed Wordpress hosting.

If you are looking for a Hosting and Domain provider company in India or anywhere round the globe, then we are here to help you.